Privacy Statement

Kinetic Sketch takes your online privacy seriously. We promise not to collect, store, sell, or in any way use any information any user shares with Kinetic Sketch.

If you share a picture on Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr, we will not gather or store any information about your account at Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. Kinetic Sketch requests permissions on these accounts solely to enable a user to post an image created at Kinetic Sketch to an account on Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. Kinetic Sketch will not collect any information regarding your account name, status, contacts, groups, etc.., Kinetic Sketch will not replace any existing content on any account, and Kinetic Sketch will not delete any content existing on any account.

Furthermore, all reasonable efforts have been made by Kinetic Sketch to adhere to the most stringent security standards when interfacing with other websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. If you share an image you have made on any of these sites, you can feel safe knowing both that your information will be kept safe from harm, and that it will not be gathered by Kinetic Sketch for future use in any way.

Thanks for caring about your online safety enough to read this statement- if more internet users were as careful as you about the information they share online, we'd probably have a lot less spam. Anyways, happy sketching!

Terms of service

Kinetic sketch provides a tool for anyone to create images online. Any user who creates an image while on Kinetic Sketch retains copyright to that image. If an image is uploaded to the gallery at '', the user who created it retains copyright to that image, but reserves the right to publish that content on

Any image uploaded to a third party website ( Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, TwitPic) is subject to the licensing and copyright restrictions of that website. is not responsible for any content created at and posted on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or TwitPic.