1000 Kinetic Sketches!

Kinetic Sketch started about a half year ago or so, and there's been some cool uses of the tool since then, by a lot of people. Some have shared their creations with us, and we now have more than 1000 sketches in the gallery. In order to recognize superb uses of the tool, I would like to share a few sketches in the gallery that I have enjoyed.

Death In Fall:



Mona, moaning:

out-pollacking pollack:

haruki haruki:

my sketch:


It is my hope that soon we'll find time to make some improvements around here. There are a lot of things that could be done to make this a better place. Until then, thanks to anyone who has shared their time and creativity with the toy and uploaded their work to the gallery!

500 sketches in the gallery!

After just a few weeks, there's now been over 500 kinetic sketches uploaded to the gallery here at Kinetic Sketch! Looking at all of the sketches, it is amazing to see the many different approaches different people (well, we're assuming you're people and not robots... or animals) take when using kinetic sketch.

But there is a problem- most of the sketches are currently only identified by the term 'anonymous'! We want to know who made all these sketches, we want to comment on them, we want to give these sketches descriptions! We want to favorite them, rank them, view by most popular, and email our favorites to our friends!

Alas, it shall not be long until this functionality is ready. In a week or two, Kinetic Sketch will open up registration for membership. Membership with Kinetic Sketch will allow you to do all of these things- comment, favorite, see user's profiles and sketches, etc. Kinetic Sketch will almost be a web 2.0 website!

All kidding aside, there are some really cool sketches in the gallery. In honor of 500, here are a few of my favorites:

yes i do, by 'anonymous':

vision, by 'craig' :

543,209,004 photgraphs by 'anonymous' :

0001 by 'anonymous' :

schorsch #1 by 'anonymous' :

and finally, lilly is BACK! by 'anonymous' :

To be honest, I actually like a lot more of the sketches, there are just too many cool ones! Find your own favorite in the gallery

Release of Kinetic Sketch!

Third Ave Design is proud to announce the release of Kinetic Sketch. Kinetic Sketch is a physics based drawing tool which both entertaining to play with, and also a powerful tool for image creation and sharing.

In a kinetic sketch drawing session, a user can add shapes ( rectangles, circles, and triangles ) into a two dimensional physical simulation. The shapes can be filled with a solid color, an image, or even your webcam video (provided that you have one-). The color and image fills are determined by the palette that is selected. A user can choose one of 15 pre-selected palettes, or search flickr ( http://flickr.com ) for a new palette image to use.

As the simulation proceeds, the shapes draw themselves to the canvas in the background. The shapes are drawn to the canvas depending on the draw mode - normal, speed, or collision. Normal draw mode draws each shape the same. Speed draw mode draws the shape according to its speed, and collision draw mode only draws shapes which are colliding.

In addition to the ability to change the draw mode, a user can change the blend mode of how the shapes are drawn to the canvas, and also control gravity (up/down, left/right) by using the arrow keys.

After a sketch is complete, a user can upload their sketch to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or Kinetic Sketch's own gallery, located at http://kineticsketch.com/gallery.

For any questions regarding privacy, licensing, and terms, there is more information here: http://kineticsketch.com/privacy.

Future releases of Kinetic Sketch hope to include:
- music draw mode which would draw the shapes according to the sound spectrum of a song
- allow users to upload their own palette image
- allow voting in the gallery
- integrate membership into the site
- user stats

Third Ave Design welcomes any feedback in regards to feature requests, questions as to how to use the tool, and bug reports. You may send any comments, questions, or wishings of well being to

Happy sketching!